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Conducting a Task Trial with a student

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2016 04:07AM EDT
On the Home Screen, click on the student’s folder and then choose the task.

The first screen of the trial prompts the student to choose a reward.

As you are on Trial Mode, you will need to type your password or PIN in order to exit. This prevents the student from exiting the trial. This is the moment the student is allowed to handle the device.

The student must select a Reward by clicking on any of the items available. 
Let the student swipe the screen in the direction shown in order to proceed to the next steps.

The student will find a video of the steps to perform before starting (provided for the default tasks). 
The student must click on the OK Button after seeing the video, then swipe to go to the first task step. In this moment, the timer will start.

The student performs each step then clicks on the OK Button and swipes to the next step.  If auto-advance was chosen for this student then swiping is not necessary.  

The Control Bar is at the left edge.  These buttons are used to control the task flow or record the prompting a student required to complete the step.

The Forward Button will jump to the next step. 
The Pause Button will pause or resume the timer when needed. 

The Behavioral Aid buttons record the level of independence the student achieved during this step. 
You can select one or more of the following marks according to the aid you provided to the student during the step performance:

Full Physical assistance
Partial Physical assistance
Verbal assistance
Gesture assistance
or Performed Independently
The reward button at the bottom of the control bar is set on by default.  If it is appropriate that the student not receive a reward this can be deselected.

After all the steps are either completed or skipped, the Reward and Social Praise are shown. 

Click on the Done Button and fill with your password to exit the trial mode. 
All of the Trial Data including, behavioral aids and timing is recorded for further performance analysis and statistics. You may consult this data on the Dashboard.

Viewing Data Sent to the Dashboard

The Dashboard website can be reached from the home page by clicking on the Information (i) or Help (?) buttons in the upper right corner.

Once logged in all of the data that was collected during your trials can be viewed.

Specify the student and trials date(s) to view a set of data.

Click on a task to see the trial data in detail, with color-coded infographics.  The raw data can also be exported to an excel spreadsheet to facilitate further analysis.

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